All handmade and time-consuming dishes by professional chefs will guide you on your journey to India. Not only is it delicious, but it's also a healthy dish. Indian food is food Ayurveda. Spiced, flavorful curry with a wide variety of naan, and atsuatutandry dishes baked in a special kettle will whet your appetite.

Please enjoy authentic Indian cuisine at BISHNU near you.(#^^ #)

Bishnu take-out menu

0942370369Centennial Park (Headquarters) TEL.:0942-37-0369
0942301755Kurume Emacs branch TEL:0942-30-1755
0944328879Ion Omuta store TEL:0944-32-8879
0935338099ChaCha town store TEL:093-533-8099
0929762727Triassic hisayama store TEL:092-976-2727
0948433418Ion honami shop TEL:0948-43-3418
0949527357AEON MALL Naoji Store TEL:0949-52-7357

0952282150Saga branch TEL:0952-28-2150
0942828282Tosu store TEL:0942-82-8282

0956310885Aeon Tower shop TEL:0956-31-0885
0958829298Tokitsu store TEL:095-882-9298
0958018738Nagasaki branch TEL:095-801-8738
0956241689Sasebo branch TEL:0956-24-1689
0956236886SONA Viking store TEL:0956-23-6886
0957465285Chai Cafe Bishnu Isahaya STORE TEL:0957-46-5285

0975787316Oita Opa TEL:0975-78-7316

0982334325Ion Nobeoka store TEL:0982-33-4325

0962370727Ion Kumamoto branch TEL:096-237-0727
0968720885Tamana store TEL:0968-72-0885

0992592107Aeon Kagoshima kamoike shop TEL:099-259-2107
0995422387Kirishima store TEL:0995-42-2387
0996220608Chai Cafe Bishnu Sendai Branch TEL:0996-22-0608
0995475544TEL Chai Cafe attfal:0995-47-5544

0795943628Sasayama store TEL:079-594-3628
0727665115Aeon INA shop TEL:072-766-5115
0727677337AEON MALL Itami Kunyang TEL:072-767-7337