Nobeoka shop reopened!

2018On March 30, according to the renewal of Nobeoka Aeon,
BISHNU Nobeoka shop reopened!

Special Happy set dealsSoup Curry Chicken and vegetables new!
Hawaiian set are highly recommendedChildren and families welcome guests!

I look forward to!

[Tosu] March Curry

Namaste! VISN tosu is.
It has abated slightly cold.
Perfect for the buds of cherry blossoms along await spring, idyllic mood
3-CurryThe announcements!

Keymakinoko Curry (mild)
Vegetable Curry (mild)
Chicken Curry (mild)
Smooth and silky soup curry (sauce mix hot)

* Table red spice spicy curry is adjustable.

Children of the popularThe Curry eaten plenty of buffet-style.
Naan is fluffy baked has to your seat.
With drinks, ice! Unlimited time!
Everyone in the farewell?!

Take a look at pleasure to look forward to!