3Menu of the month news

Always stay we thank you.
3-Limited menuWill let you know.
Juicy fish fritters with curry and rice setIt is!

= = = = = Lunch == == == == == == == == =
«Fish curry and rice set»... 980 yen (tax excluded)
-Fish curry & rice
-Tomato soup

= == == == Dinner == == == == == == =
«Fish curry and rice set»... 1380 yen (tax excluded)
-Fish curry & rice
-Tomato soup
And cheesecake or chocolate fondant
Or drink (Lassi, Chai, coffee and orange juice).

Spicy curryThe following6OneFrom you can choose.
For young children/Mild/Medium spicy/Dry/Vindaloo/50Times

Why visit a store near them!
* Excludes FAST FOOD shops, tosu, SONA restaurant, Triassic hisayama store.
I look forward to.

Introduction of Vice ne SONA buffet menu!

Namaste ~ ☆(*^^*)
Always thank you!

VISN Group's inception more than 20 years! Kyushu, currently 19 stores developing in the heart!

Among them about two stores of SONA restaurant and tosu
And the all-you-can-eat deals!

Today is the introduction of SONA restaurant!

SONA restaurant is buffet style so much better taste of Vice ne.

Not to mention the tandoori dishes, Curry, naan,
Enjoy hearty buffet corner at drinks you like.(*^^*)

Tandoori cuisine, Curry, naan, received orders from home chef
And grilled in a dedicated oven called tandoor.
We have fresh hot table.

Come enjoy authentic spices and savory grilled dishes.(*^^*)

↓(Lunch time menu)

↓(The dinner time menu)

[We can also book children's Association events, parties, etc.! ]
India VISN SONA restaurant
Address: Nagasaki Sasebo-Shi Kamigyo-Cho 6-23
TEL: 0956-23-6886

Chai Cafe shop evening only! Start your lunch!

Namaste ~ ☆(*^^*)
Thank you for always.

Than Chai Cafe shop announcement!
More specific than the February evening!(16:00~20:00Until the)Start with three lunch!

Three types of Bento!

♦ karaage Curry Bento
A lot of repeaters at the restaurant fried Curry that still chew for lunch.(≥ v ≤)
Asian chicken fried chicken 2 the contents of the volume!

We will make with chicken curry favor.

♦ shrimp curry Bento box
Crispy fried shrimp, 2 tail topping!

☆ female guests we arrange in the Curry.

♦ vegetable Curry croquette Bento box
Chai Cafe Cook's homemade spicy India-style vegetable croquettes, 2 cotopping!
Recommended to like meat because the meat is not used(n be v'n)

Will be making in favor vegetable Curry.

Each 680 Yen(Tax not included)We become.
200 pie with salad(Original dressing with)Can also be set.

Choose from three types of mild, medium hot and dry spiciness of the Curry.

Delicious and healthy Curry Lunch Alfresco.

Chai Cafe(Chai Cafe)Shop
Address: Kagoshima Prefecture, Satsuma-Sendai city Harada-31-21
TEL: 0996-22-0608

VISN Nagasaki shop 2/1(Wood) relocation!

VISN Nagasaki shop 2/1(Wood) relocation

Our good news!

2/1(Tree) was the relocation of the India restaurant BISHNU Nagasaki! ☆ ヽ(*Be é ∀ ' *)Bruno

Mirai relocation from Nagasaki-Grove!
Across the Grove before signal, soon, next to the Lawson.

Business hours are11:00-22:30 (order 22:00)Up and decorated.

In the new location will try my delicious pursuit from now.

Visit us for our employees, sincerely looking forward to.(*^^*)
India restaurant BISHNU Nagasaki
Address: Nagasaki Nagasaki City eyes remember town 5-25 housing Guido vil 2F
TEL: 095-801-8738 (Telephone number remains unchanged)
* Parking is not available.