Chai Cafe shop evening only! Start your lunch!

Namaste ~ ☆(*^^*)
Thank you for always.

Than Chai Cafe shop announcement!
More specific than the February evening!(16:00-20:00Until the)Start with three lunch!

Three types of Bento!

♦ karaage Curry Bento
A lot of repeaters at the restaurant fried Curry that still chew for lunch.(≥ v ≤)
Asian chicken fried chicken 2 the contents of the volume!

We will make with chicken curry favor.

♦ shrimp curry Bento box
Crispy fried shrimp, 2 tail topping!

☆ female guests we arrange in the Curry.

♦ vegetable Curry croquette Bento box
Chai Cafe Cook's homemade spicy India-style vegetable croquettes, 2 cotopping!
Recommended to like meat because the meat is not used(n be v'n)

Will be making in favor vegetable Curry.

Each 680 Yen(税別)We become.
200 pie with salad(Original dressing with)Can also be set.

Choose from three types of mild, medium hot and dry spiciness of the Curry.

Delicious and healthy Curry Lunch Alfresco.

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TEL: 0996-22-0608