A happy new year!(*^^*)
Always available for stores of Vice ne group, thank you.

Last year very very much, thank you very much.
Staff strive to cordial, aiming to further improve service this year.
We appreciate your patronage continued this year.

☆ new year's even VISN group energy drink sales is ☆ ヽ(*Be é ∀ ' *)Bruno

Some changes regarding the opening hours have stores.
☆ year-end guide ☆ new year opening hours in check I think.

Click here ↓ from here!
☆ year-end/new year holiday opening hours please ☆.

Introduction of Vice ne group celebrates new year specials!

"A happy set! "
(Limited time offer: 1 / 1 through 1/31)

[Centennial Park Headquarters limited]
This menu has Centennial Park Headquarters only.

Salad & soup
-Keymakery spinach & prawn Curry
Turmeric rice or rice
• Boneless tandoori chicken 1 p
1,280(Tax not included)

[Centennial Park Headquarters non-store]
This menu is served in the VISN Group stores except for Centennial Park Headquarters.

Currie(Shrimp or chicken or beans or pork or vegetable)
-Nan(Cheese or sesame seeds or plain)
• Boneless tandoori chicken 1 p
-Drinks (you can choose from the menu)
1,480(Tax not included)

And, every year an annual! Popular instruments of Vice ne grab bag!(*> inspection<*)

VISN ☆ gorgeous bags!
7,5006480 Yen Yen worth of products!
Up to date: 1/15

Curry 5(Keymachkin, beans, vegetables, chicken, pork)
-Naan bread 4(Plane 2, cheese garlic 1 1)
-Tomato soup
Plenty of Vice ne!
6,480(税込)In is 買echa 7500 Yen products!

Following the purchase of VISN bags here.

New year limited edition bags!
1Period until March 15, is limited, so take this opportunity to welcome! ☆

Also, in the vicenyahoo store popular sampler set! ヽ(*Be é ∀ ' *)Bruno
Received your order, we have frozen, so enjoy the freshly made at home!
☆ VISN sampler set!
Curry choice, & Nan 2!
Trial price of 1080 Yen!

Down arrow set for purchase, click here.

After drinking the delicious osechi is refreshing in India spice!
Curry's will reset the body good food!

And improve the hangover in Curry turmeric is cumin coriander and good for an upset stomach and an appetite you now!

New year get together everyone ♪ whether family, friends, etc, why not Curry party at all?(*^^*)

In it, the staff sincerely we visit awaits you!
Happy new year please thank you.