☆ year-end/new year holiday opening hours please ☆.

Using the OER, stores of Vice ne group, thank you.
In those early this year also became slightly ☆
End of Vice ne group is a guide to new year's holiday hours!

Large commercial facilities in the stores
 ☆ emacskrme shop(TEL:0942-30-1755)
Usually it's 10:30-21:00(Lo.20:30)
1/1 night

 ☆ Triassic hisayama shop(TEL:092-976-2727)
Usually it's 10:00-20:00(Lo.19:30)
Normal year-end holiday season sales.
1/1 10:00-20:00(Lo.19:30)

 ☆ ChaCha town FASTFOOD shop(TEL:093-533-8099)
Usually it's 10:00-21:00(Lo.20:30)
1/1 10:00-21:00(Lo.20:30)

 ☆ Omuta Aeon(TEL:0944-32-8879)
It's usually 11:00-22:00(Lo.21:30)
1/1 9:00-22:00(Lo.21:30)

 ☆ Aeon Mall Kumamoto(TEL:096-237-0727)
It's usually 11:00-22:00(Lo.21:30)
1/1 10:00-22:00(Lo.21:30)

 ☆ Grove Nagasaki branch(TEL:095-801-8738)
It's usually 11:00-23:00(Lo.22:30)
1/1 11:00-23:00(Lo.22:30)

 ☆ Aeon Nobeoka(TEL:0982-33-4325)
Usually it's 10:00-20:00(Lo.19:30)
1/1-1/3 9:00-20:00(Lo.19:30)

[General store]
☆ the following 12 stores 1/1.(Moon)-1/5(Fire)In between the
11:00-22:00(Lo.21:30)In between will be open.

☆ Centennial Park Headquarters(TEL:0942-37-0369)
☆ saga shop(TEL:0952-28-2150)
☆ tosu(TEL:0942-82-8282)
☆ CafeDiningBISHNU Omuta shop(TEL:0944-88-8248)
☆ yufuin Academy store(TEL:0977-85-8717)
☆ Sasebo shop(TEL:0956-24-1689)
☆ SONA restaurant(TEL:0956-23-6886)
☆ Kirishima shop(TEL:0995-42-2387)
☆ Chai Cafe shop(TEL:0996-22-0608)
☆ Attfal shop(TEL:0995-47-5544)
☆ sasayama shop(TEL:079-594-3628)

So, ladies and gentlemen, happy new year wishing!
Namaste ~(^_-)-☆

Very smoothly this year.

Next year also would appreciate your continued patronage.

VISN staff