Children as well as adults widely loved VISN is 23 years this year! Professional cooks, all handmade with labor or food has been leading us to travel to India. It is thought the health, as well as delicious dishes. India cuisine is a food ayurveerda. Rich Nang Curry spice, flavor-rich located several, whets the appetite atsatsutandry dish cooked in a special pot.

Soon the long-awaited Christmas(*'v' *)
Announcement of the Christmas event from Viking shop shop &SONA in tosu

Tosu store ☆
 12/23(Soil)-12 / 24(Day)In 2 days!
The buffet style tiramisu!
Sweet and delicious ♪ eating tiramisu is unlimited!

Tosu of Vice ne India restaurant
Address: Saga Prefectural tosu city, tree town 1798-1
TEL: 0942-82-8282

SONA restaurant ☆
 12/23(Soil)-12 / 25(Month)In 3 days!
Lassie services will be your meal in our shop!

India VISN SONA restaurant
Address: Nagasaki Sasebo-Shi Kamigyo-Cho 6-23
TEL: 0956-23-6886

Enjoy a wonderful Christmas favor for your enjoyment!(*^^*)