Soon the long-awaited Christmas(*’v`*)
Announcement of the Christmas event from Viking shop shop &SONA in tosu

Tosu store ☆
 12/23(Soil)-12 / 24(Day)In 2 days!
The buffet style tiramisu!
Sweet and delicious ♪ eating tiramisu is unlimited!

Tosu of Vice ne India restaurant
Address: Saga Prefectural tosu city, tree town 1798-1
TEL: 0942-82-8282

SONA restaurant ☆
 12/23(Soil)-12 / 25(Moon)In 3 days!
Lassie services will be your meal in our shop!

India VISN SONA restaurant
Address: Nagasaki Sasebo-Shi Kamigyo-Cho 6-23
TEL: 0956-23-6886

Enjoy a wonderful Christmas favor for your enjoyment!(*^^*)