BISHNU Christmas menu for more ☆ ☆ (~ 12 / 25)

In it is already December again this year!
Soon Christmas!(*^^*)

Lovers enjoy, of course, family and friends, with everyone excited savory while eating and exchanging gifts...

The excited just imagining that. ° :.(*Be v ' *)Degrees :.

Like Christmas in festive India cuisine

All handmade! grilled naan & tandoori dishes are to good for dozens of kinds of spices with curry?

We will inform you the Christmas menu for BISHNU ☆(*^^*)
(~ 12 / 25 for a limited time! )

☆ takeout menu

So save!(*^^*) Christmas limited edition special price!
First limited edition! Each set of 100!

We will put you in the Christmas designs bags!(*^^*)
(1)Boneless tandoori chicken 6 p
Curry seed 3
Nan 3
3500Circle(Excl. tax)

(2)Boneless tandoori chicken 4 p
Currie 2
Nan 2
2500Circle(Excl. tax)

(3)Tandoori chicken 2 p
980Circle(Excl. tax)

(4)Boneless tandoori chicken 6 p
980Circle(Excl. tax)

(3) (4),
2Set at 1,900 yen(Excl. tax)
3Set at 2,800 yen(Excl. tax)

(1) (2) of curry and naan bread, choose from the following.
And keymaeggcurry
Beans Curry
• Migi
-Butter Chicken Curry
-Vegetable Curry
-Evil carrier
* Please choose from sweet, mild, medium hot and dry spiciness is.
Cheese naan,
-Go Mann
And kokonutsnan
And butterherbnan
-Garlic naan

X'mas special course meals at ☆ ☆

-Best moments with that special someone-
Suitable for the Christmas special from the VISN course suggestions!
Usually in X'mas special price 3500 Yen course!

Tomato butter soup
VISN original green salad
Lijjat papad,
-Spinach and mushroom cumin fried
And malaitandrychickenrosterd
-Coconut seafood curry or chicken curry
-Miniplanenan or minicheesenan
Drink one
(Wine or beer or Inn beer or
Chai or coffee or Lassi or Mango Lassi)
2500Circle(Excl. tax)

Recommend takeaway is that Christmas party at your home, etc.!

Are the products we will make the reservation priority at.
May be very crowded by the time zone, so don't forget your early booking!(^^)

Reservations please contact to BISHNU each store!

Take care has been much colder, we catch a cold, enjoy!(*^^*)
Merry Christmas.