Christmas menu ☆ ☆ BISHNU

Christmas menu ☆ ☆ BISHNU

BISHNU Xmas limited time!
A special introduction of the menu

Become a X'mas special price offers!

Takeaway menus are available.

VISN group branches in the booking offer!
(Except for buffet restaurants, fast-food outlets)

Enjoy a wonderful Christmas!(*^^*)

VISN sasayama store sweet potatoes nanset

Sasayama of Vice ne India restaurant
Sweet potato nanset is here!

Was, not soggy! sweet and savory sweet potato naan.(*^^*)

Come try!

Hyogo Prefecture, sasayama-Shi Higashi-505 line stone in the Center
Sasayama of Vice ne India restaurant

Please note that the fake website posing as a store of Vice ne

Please note that fake site disguised as a store of Vice ne!

Fake website posing as a store of Vice ne has been found.
Store official site of Vice ne is as follows.
Please note do not have access to fake sites.

★ VISN store official site ★
Curry College VISN Yahoo store

VISN Rakuten Ichiba

♦ Please note about fake sites, fraudulent websites
In recent years, more malicious fake sites and scam sites.
On the average, and deposited money ago customers and products if they seem, malicious sites, such as "ID and password to swindle".
Please note earnestly to fake sites, fraudulent websites.

There is a malicious site that we support in our fake site containing legal measures as soon as the discovery site name, logo, product image, description and name of Vice ne uses the unauthorized.

If victims should consult with the local police.

In addition, recommended apologizing to the fake, scam sites, enter the login information to change the ID and password.

India cuisine restaurant BISHNU yufuin Institute store! 12 / 1 open!

India cuisine restaurant BISHNU yufuin Institute store! 12 / 1 open!

Greetings to everyone

Soon the yufuin-Cho, yufu-Shi, Oita Prefecture
India cuisine restaurant BISHNU yufuin Academy Shop will be OPEN!
(Yufuin, yufu-Shi, Oita-Cho Kawakami 3737-13)

Yufuin station close!
From station red brick of the second street to the left!
Located in the street of the flowers.(*^^*)

Natural water rich yufuin-Cho
As a tourist destination it's highlights are many!
I healed many, many enjoy a nice town.

In the spacious interior is also called India restaurant BISHNU yufuin hospital, slowly enjoy the cuisine of India(*^^*)

Of course take away is OK!

To enjoy!(*^^*)

Open previous contact information is here ↓
India food Vice n Centennial Park Headquarters
Phone number: 0942-37-0369
Opening hours: 11:00-22:00(年中無休)

Due to new store openings and are looking for staff!(*^^*)
Live and work together in fun at work?

Staff recruitment inquiries click here ↓
♦ on weekdays 9-17
VISN Office
Person in charge: Hiraoka(Hiraoka)
Phone number: 0942-37-5727

♦ on weekdays after 5 pm and on weekends and holidays
India food Vice n Centennial Park Headquarters
Person in charge: mountain-spur(Yamannohila)
Phone number: 0942-37-0369

[Vice n Centennial Park Headquarters] Furusato Kurume agricultural Festival!

In Kurume and thanks to a rich harvest, as well as public understanding of agriculture, rural areas and the producers intended to consumer relations"Furusato-Kurume agricultural Festival"

Would you like to: 11/11(Soil)And 11/12(Day)The two-day
Time: on both days at 10-16:00
Location: Kurume Centennial Park

India food VISN Centennial Park Headquarters will be opened.(*^^*)

Seems venue offers a hands-on experience sprinkle vegetables and butter making.(*^^*)

Family fun "Kurume hometown agricultural Festival"!

Come and enjoy!

(Reference URL)

Fukuoka Prefecture, Kurume city Centennial Park 1-1
India food bishnu Head Office