[Stores of Vice ne saga: Saga-Lite fantasy opening event

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News from stores of Vice ne saga(*^^*)

10/31(Fire) "2017 saga light fantasy opening event ' to be opened!

Surrounded by illumination of a 1800000 sphere while raising the balloon burner flame "saga balloon' participation at the Olympics, as well as the parades.

19 after the parade:00Around-22:00In for sale.(*^^*)

Illuminated illumination is so beautiful and inspiring!

VISN, cheese nan, Nan, garlic nan, boneless tandoori chicken, chicken sells at a Festival price!

Events ☆ beautiful light come, or not!(*^^*)

(参考URL)2017Saga light fantasy opening event

Date: 10/31/2017 (Tuesday)
Time: after the parade 19:00-22:00
Location: tojin-machi Street (Saga Bank store front-crossing the Central bridge)

Saga of Vice ne India restaurant
TEL 0952-28-2150

Vicente Las hisayama store ☆ chicken salasalasrpcurry rice set

India food VISN Triassic hisayama shop!
Limited time offer! Chicken salasalasrpcurry rice set!

Profound flavor stewed vegetables such as tomato and chicken.(*^^*)

Shimiwatarimasu sutsu and mind and body warm soup Curry

Do you chicken it salasalasrpcurry rice was warm?
Warm up yourself with delicious!(*^^*)

India restaurant VISN Triassic hisayama
Address: Fukuoka Kasuya-gun hisayama-Cho Oaza Yamada 1169-1
The food court in the Triassic hisayama
TEL: 092-976-2727

VISN saga shop ☆ beast

Introduction of India cuisine VISN saga shop ☆ beast!

India spice plenty! Roasted tandoori dishes are perfect to accompany your drink!

In the set 1000 yen.(Excl. tax)It is at great rates!(*^^*)

-Beer(While) Or beer bottle
• Boneless tandoori chicken 2 p or 2 p Shish-kebab
2 p-papad

* Store is part of recruiting part-time staff is now!(*^^*)
Beginners are welcome! Interested please contact store!

Saga of Vice ne India restaurant
Address: saga, saga station Minami-machi 2-1 MT 16 station 1F, Minami-Cho
TEL: 0952-28-2150

Soup curry rice Centennial Park store ☆ seasonal vegetables to enjoy!

VISN Centennial Park store ☆ limited time offer! Enjoy the fresh seasonal vegetables soup curry rice!

Fall limited ☆ mushroom soup curry rice!

I was until recently the autumn it is getting cold.

Or not so much, heart warming soup curry rice was warm(*^^*)

The mushroom dietary fiber and minerals are rich! FRS healthy energy is made with healthy ingredients.

Vegetable rich! Soup curry rice is popular(*^^*)

India food BISHNU Centennial Park Headquarters
Fukuoka Prefecture, Kurume city Centennial Park 1-1

Cafe Dining BISHNU lunch menu!

Cafe Dining BISHNU lunch menu about us

Recommended!Fried curry rice Bento
There is also the tandoori chicken & turmeric rice Bento

Of course, TAKE OUT OK!

Lunch in addition to appetizers of spicy, tandoori dishes, Curry, naan, rice etc.
You can take it out
Lunch and evening meal, drinks and snack! please please!(*^^*)

Cafe Dining BISHNU (Cafe dining VISN)
Address: Fukuoka, Omuta City, Higuchi-Cho 2-8 friend Bill 1F
TEL: 0944-88-8248

Kyushu outdaoflordfestival ☆

今日は秋晴れ??It is going to be hot!
3Also work on holidays let happy today!

102008 events will be held.
Today the Kyushu outdaoflordfestival ☆ ☆ is being held!
KOOF2017in love Miura

Today 10/08() 9:00 -16:00
? (^^)In love with Pudong garden

The BISHNU India cuisine
Tandoori curry rice, Wow!
500 yen (tax included)In is for sale.

Last year touched again! This year is more powerful 4 x 4 4WD 4WD fully loaded menu play down in an SUV RV!
The centerpiece of this year what "free admission! "
Whole day having fun with my family, kind to your wallet(Lol)
Kyushu a commonplace watching great, touch, ride and enjoy the events held!
Many exhibitors famous dealers, parts manufacturers, charismatic shop! Provide a vehicle there. Booth catering staff! Let's enjoy experiencing car differs from everyday while eating delicious things filled with v(^^)v
Please come here,

Kyushu outdaoflordfestival ☆