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News from stores of Vice ne saga(*^^*)

10/31() "2017 saga light fantasy opening event ' to be opened!

Surrounded by illumination of a 1800000 sphere while raising the balloon burner flame "saga balloon' participation at the Olympics, as well as the parades.

19 after the parade:00Around-22:00In for sale.(*^^*)

Illuminated illumination is so beautiful and inspiring!

VISN, cheese nan, Nan, garlic nan, boneless tandoori chicken, chicken sells at a Festival price!

Events ☆ beautiful light come, or not!(*^^*)

(Reference URL)2017Saga light fantasy opening event

Date: 10/31/2017 (Tuesday)
Time: after the parade 19:00-22:00
Location: tojin-machi Street (Saga Bank store front-crossing the Central bridge)

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