Incense of India.

Bishnu head ☆彡

Or why not burnt like incense in the mood of the day-?
India, fragrance, light, mind and. Take away the tired
And when you go to bed at night,
When you want to relieve stress

It is very good when you feel a little depressed. ☆彡

It is a favor relaxing space, such as a very great incense.(^^)☆

Collaboration of incense at the scent of its own.

Do not make your own original scent-?

Fragrant advise, so please feel free to call your voice ☆彡

Cone incense box-> 100 "tax."
Stick incense box-80 yen [tax]

Fukuoka Prefecture, Kurume city Centennial Park 1-1
India food bishnu Head Office

cafe dining BISHNU Open☆

Cafe dining BISHNU Open.

Omuta Higuchi-Cho 2-8 friend Bill 1F
Cafe dining BISHNU
Business hours 11:00-24:00

Other India cuisine, pasta
Excellent Cafe menu
Of course alcohol
Drinking party course, there is also unlimited.

Popular Hawaiian set

Fluffy whipped cream Parfait.

Party bookings are available upon

Cute blue building 1F

Restaurant is a stylish atmosphere

Belly dance show ♪ Centennial Park

Bishnu brilliant belly dancing show & dinner

50Limited number of people??"Upon request."
4000Circle(Tax included)
Location:Fukuoka Prefecture, Kurume city Centennial Park 1-1
Traning 1F
Bishnu India cuisine

10/1(Sunday) 18:00Start!

Book your information
The phone call.
Full House, will be closed.
Enjoy belly dancing and fine India cuisine
Dishes are visiting for the first time our chef proud is a dinner course menu.
India cuisine with a professional belly dancer dancing both both comfort

Open Cafe Dining BISHNU coming soon!

Open Cafe Dining BISHNU coming soon!

Greetings to everyone

Mid-September!Omuta-Shi, Fukuoka

Cafe Dining BISHNU Will be OPEN!

Lunch, of course!
Can enjoy snacks menu is also filled with ☆ sake too!

Banquets, parties, etc. Please!

To enjoy!(*^^*)

Open previous contact information is here ↓
India food Vice nu Aeon Omuta
Phone number: 0944-32-8879
Opening hours: 11:00-22:00(Open all year round.)

Due to new store openingsStaff recruitmentAre you!(*^^*)
Live and work together in fun at work?

Staff recruitment inquiries click here ↓
Co., VISN Office
Phone number: 0942-37-5727
Opening hours: Weekdays 9:00-17:00