Children as well as adults widely loved VISN is 23 years this year! Professional cooks, all handmade with labor or food has been leading us to travel to India. It is thought the health, as well as delicious dishes. India cuisine is a food ayurveerda. Rich Nang Curry spice, flavor-rich located several, whets the appetite atsatsutandry dish cooked in a special pot.

Namaste ☆ we are you doing?(*^^*)

BISHNU notice of all common fair September!

BISHNU stores in a 9 month period only!Featured HAPPY setWe provide!
(Centennial Park stores, FASTFOOD store, except for SONA restaurant with buffet tosu stores)

Nan and very affordable set Curry with milk with soup, salad, tandoori chicken too!
Take this opportunity to try various naan Curry!(*^^*)

Viking shop tosu and SONA restaurant in 9 month period only![ほろよい set]We provide!

Set which beer and snacks!
Tandoori chicken slowly roasted in charcoal with Shish kebab!
Lijjat papad is made with your cracker biscuit is. Salty, crispy and beer and friendly staff!

India cuisine is a natural supplement!
Ginger (ginger) to increase appetite, digestion, metabolism, help increase fat burning turmeric, spice herbal medicine can be said to several dozen uses.
India cuisine is the cuisine as well as delicious and good for health.

Cuisine India is still followed by a hot day of the body during the Let's go outside, in high spirits!(*^^*)