VISN tosu stores biking course introduction.

Thank you for always.

VISN group Kyushu, mainly now 17 stores!
Among themSONA restaurantTosuFor about two
お得なJapanese and Western buffet styleWe become.

2 storesBecause many people know the taste of Vice ne service shopIt is!

Well, today I thought easy than with tosu
Viking course introduction.(*^^*)

Tosu biking courses
Taj cowsMaharaja courseThe two become.

Common courses! Unlimited time!
Viking corner, drinks, ice, more like stuff enjoy!(*^^*)

Maharaja courseThe addition to the Taj cowsAll you can eat tandoori chickenIt comes to.

And tandoori chicken.Information about theOrder VikingWe become.

And grilled in tandoor oven received orders from the home chef-
We have fresh hot table.

To tosu enjoy biking will benefit from extra value!(*^^*)

[We can also book children's Association events, parties, etc.! ]

Tosu of Vice ne India restaurant
Address: Saga Prefectural tosu city, tree town 1798-1
TEL: 0942-82-8282