Held the authentic Curry Department in PIA Kurume!

PIA Kurume held a full-fledged Curry Department (all three).(^^)

Interested in lots of spice use the ingredients you curious(^^)
Spices used in VISN's India from A Luxury upscale spice!
Ago making the very strong fragrance smells good and the ambiance.
Aroma alone can feel happy in the mood(*^^*)

This authentic Curry Department made the keema Curry, fish curry, chicken curry!

Is fish curry is rare!
I used red snapper fish fish!
Fish and Curry are so fit! Surprise's are delicious!(*^^*)

Customers most popular were still classic chicken curry favor
The chicken curry was the most delicious! And so, very pleased, very happy. Thank you ♪

Customers will want to attend also! Want to know more spices! With your voices!
You could be happy, really good! Sincerely appreciate(*^^*)

We also think authentic Curry lecture you are!

Really thank you ☆

Also has look forward to seeing you!(*^^*)

We sell spices in the shop!

If you are interested in please!(*^^*)

India food Vice n Centennial Park branch
Address: Fukuoka Prefecture, Kurume city Centennial Park 1-1