The goods arrived at Head Office

NEW! India miscellaneous ☆ cute item arrivals.

India cotton is as cool and light!

Studded India cotton perfect for this season's skirts, tops and pants
Goodwill and other feel the coolness
Incense from the Himalayan black salt
After enjoying your meal to enjoy goods.

☆ himalayablacksorto ☆

☆ sulfur smell in spring mood!

As this salt is why do to the body?

From bringing the work to make the Organization an important mineral "mineral" contained rich, in the bath, absorbed through the skin and to facilitate chemical reactions in the body.

Mineral pink salt twice!

In sweating waste goes along with the sweat from your skin and
Your skin becomes clean and smooth
It is neat!.
This mineral ingredients and amniotic fluid and almost same said.

Himalayan salt black salt(Ruby salt)That I'm a salt mineral with plenty of natural salt in groups, good for the body.
Himalaya altitude 3000-4000 meters near the
From deep in the hillside was produced of high-quality natural salt.

Experience is in a hot spring and use in the bath or foot bath that includes sulfur.
Black salt is poisonous and effect (one of waste products and toxins are stored in the body in illness and aging cause bathing and foot trying to discharge from the sweat and sebaceous glands and natural healing programs)Is very suitable for bath, and bath salts.

Is born from the Earth makes a great gift!

Please try out.

The staff sincerely we visit awaits you