Children as well as adults widely loved VISN is 23 years this year! Professional cooks, all handmade with labor or food has been leading us to travel to India. It is thought the health, as well as delicious dishes. India cuisine is a food ayurveerda. Rich Nang Curry spice, flavor-rich located several, whets the appetite atsatsutandry dish cooked in a special pot.


Today is a good day. We are you doing?

Kurume is 吹kinukete Centennial Park is a very pleasant breeze!

With new sugar-free fresh vegetables fruits today

Red yellow green colorful smoothies!

This is the introduction of new items perfect for the season now.

Is the body that focuses on beauty and health-friendly Smoothie!

India cuisine refreshing refreshing delicious smoothies to come enjoy it!

[Red Smoothie]
☆ tomato Strawberry Smoothie
☆ Strawberry Blueberry yogurt Smoothie

[Yellow Smoothie]
☆ Pineapple mango orange smoothie

[Green Smoothie]
☆ Japanese mustard spinach Banana Smoothie

Our reservation staff sincerely and look forward.

[Lunch only! salad buffet.]

Several kinds of fresh salad set is all you can eat!
VISN dressing salad can take plenty of vitamins.
About soup even now, save money!

[Heartfelt hospitality]
You can enjoy the authentic Indian curries.
India cuisine a wide menu selection is varied types of Curry.
Enjoy your favorite meat and seafood and vegetables Curry.
Also adjust the spiciness of the Curry is OK. Please consult with the staff!

[Honey service.]
Also served with honey.
Soy sauce and cheese naan is!

Naan & Curry twice nannto & honey taste good!

Café too OK!
Chai and bamboo charcoal coffee Parfait cake ice cream
Desserts are rich!

Pets are not allowed onto a terrace are available.
☆ pile buried, dug deep to dog her with confidence, knowing that you can!

Terrace seating room.

[Beer garden OPEN! ]

★ 70 people (maximum) until available ★

Wedding reception, etc, also use available ★
It is available up to 90 people at a buffet! Transfers, consult us.

List of seats

Number of seat type x seats features
Table 1 x 10 is also available in the group.
Table 2 × 5 1-
Table 4 x 4 2-
Table 4 x 3 2 ~
Table 4 × 5 relaxing meal on the sofa!
Table 3 x 2 chairs are also available..

Kurume city, Centennial Park 1-1
[Operating hours]
11:00-15: 00 pm(Weekends and public holidays 11:00-16:00)


[ビスヌカレーナン store]

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