Very good all-purpose oil "GHEE" guy! Featured on TV!

With "GHEE" ghee. It is oil in India Ayurveda has been used thousands of years as an all-purpose oil.

Remove protein and moisture from the butter and oil with pure ghee said.
That said, rich in vitamin A, vitamin E and antioxidant activity.

Such universal oil"GHEE"Was profiled as an all-purpose oil for rejuvenation ghee yesterday to 4 / 17 clinic doctor is found on!(*^^*)

Stir fry or candy making in. mix a little hot milk and coffee.

Ayurvedic antioxidant, immune modulation, allergy relief, anti-inflammatory etc etc, with a variety of effects, as well as universal oil, so rejuvenation is said.

Traditional medicine Ayurveda in India! And universal oil"GHEE"Ghee!
I also interested is curious!(*^^*)

No GHEE to the VISN Curry, but it is possible!
We are interested in VISN Centennial Park Headquarters(0942-37-0369)To contact us please!

Baishak Mela ☆ Fukuoka Tenjin Central Park-festival celebrating the new year in Nepal-

Celebrating Nepal's new year ♪ baishak, Mera!
Fukuoka Tenjin Central Park is being held until today.(*^^*)

Weather was good, also a lot of cherry blossoms in bloom, feels good!

Fun at the centre-stage show too!

Today Fukuoka Tenjin travelers come baishak camera and enjoy!(*^^*)