(Continue)Microcephaly-Cho Park Cherry Blossom Festival!(*^^*)

Children's spring break is started!.(*^^*)

Kurume city microcephaly Town Park, lunch Nan has gone and our customers come to buy & carry set!(*^^*)

Wai Wai Pats all night!
Inn beer & tandoori chicken set is recommended!

Sakura…Hmm, I wonder if little-☆
Sakura, but not the white flowers are blooming!(*^^*)

Microcephaly-Cho Park Cherry Blossom Festival started.(*^^*)

Microcephaly-Cho Park Cherry Blossom Festival began this year.(*^^*)

Two weeks from today!
Morning 10 am-open until 10:30 night!(^o^)

本場本 of Indian curries, plump grilled naan and tandoori chicken.
Inn beer and soft drinks served!

And sales of Vice ne spice
Distribution of pilgrimage booklet diet starting tomorrow we also engage in!

At night is lit up at night, very nice!

Cherry blossom season once a year.
Is your companion for cherry blossom viewing India food?(*^^*)

India food photography!

India food yesterday put the Internet magazine photo shoot

How to take a good spot to

Cameraman cameras is still good

I also interested in deep

How to copy homemade reflectors to make solar orientation food

Cameraman also tell very gently and carefully

We'll use it.

I like

Thank you for your guidance

Centennial Park Spring has come!


☆ SpringBut

Came ♪ ♪

Azalea Festival at the end of March.

AprilCherry blossoms!

Four seasons makes us feel Centennial Park is love!

Been enjoying the spring in India dishes and stunning views of the Please ☆

[Lunch only! salad buffet.]

Several kinds of fresh salad set is all you can eat!
VISN dressing salad can take plenty of vitamins.
About soup even now, save money!

[Heartfelt hospitality]
You can enjoy the authentic Indian curries.
India cuisine a wide menu selection is varied types of Curry.
Enjoy your favorite meat and seafood and vegetables Curry.
Also adjust the spiciness of the Curry is OK. Please consult with the staff!

[Honey service.]
Also served with honey.
Soy sauce and cheese naan is!

Naan & Curry twice nannto & honey taste good!

Café too OK!
Chai and bamboo charcoal coffee Parfait cake ice cream
Desserts are rich!

Pets are not allowed onto a terrace are available.
☆ pile buried, dug deep to dog her with confidence, knowing that you can!

Terrace seating room.

[Newsletter members! farewell farewell bonus]

What 10 people like ☆ ☆ 1 name to free!

Is currently taking reservations for a farewell drink with OK!! Courses support only!
Farewell of the reservation is also still time! Please take a look at how to contact us or request a reservation.

2,500Circle-please contact us.
1, French fries
2, fresh spring rolls
3, green salad
4, winner cheesenan
5, Shish kebab
6, baturanan
7, tandoori chicken
8, butter chicken curry
9, Asian fried chicken
10, Edamame
12, lijjat papad
* 2500 Yen course 1

In the various banquet recommended ♪ party course 2500 Yen! Drinking beer and other alcoholic 2 H unlimited is available at 1200 yen.
Depending on your budget

★ 70 people (maximum) until available ★

Wedding reception, etc, also use available ★
It is available up to 90 people at a buffet! Transfers, consult us.

List of seats

Number of seat type x seats features
Table 1 x 10 is also available in the group.
Table 2 × 5 1-
Table 4 x 4 2-
Table 4 x 3 2 ~
Table 4 × 5 relaxing meal on the sofa!
Table 3 x 2 chairs are also available..

Kurume city, Centennial Park 1-1
[Operating hours]
11:00-15: 00 pm(Weekends and public holidays 11:00-16:00)


[ビスヌカレーナン store]

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