Christmas tandoori chicken!

☆ Home Christmas ♪ tandoori ♪ ☆

Do you want for Christmas this year is a little different as usual?

In all stores of Vice ne tandoori chicken is available on take-away.

Tandoori chicken with bincho charcoal slowly over time, and bake. It is nice and soft and healthy with meat!

Bone without tandoori chicken are also available as easy to eat as children with confidence, enjoy.

Other personalized career Nan and try fit nicely to produce Asian Christmas this year??

Ion Kumamoto Clair store Lindy are OPEN!

☆ ion Kumamoto Clair store Lindy are OPEN! ☆


Kumamoto Prefecture, kamimashiki-gun Kashima-machi AZA nagaike 2232

Opening hours: 9:00-9:30(Drink)
Drink only: 9:00-9:30  
Morning: 9:30-10:30
Lunch: 10:30-15:00
Dinner: 15:00~22:00(12/23(Gold)Only 21:00From Tosa blame is just. )

Hi! everybody very Omata and we have.

12/23(Gold)OPEN the Vice Nyon Mall Kumamoto Renuart.

From 8 months they all very inconvenience any inconvenience. Kumamoto John VISN us visit other stores are also gone too far, even though the staff is filled with gratitude.

This is ion Mall VISN's Interior also Renuart

Increase in numerous menu, store and slowly relaxing space

On the liteware ion Kumamoto VISN yourself come customer ☆ staff to visit our minds forward.

Christmas menu!

Christmas menu ☆ ☆ Bishnu

Little Christmas!

We will introduce the Bishnu Christmas menu.

Enjoy a wonderful Christmas!

Reservations available in each store.