11/23(Public holidays), restaurant

Always thank you really use.

VISN is Centennial Park store. Today is labor day holidays!


11/23The today day of eating out.!(^^)!なのです。

Do not reward hard work always?

We ate delicious food, fit you want.

Such feelings come VISN's head office

As far as today! And the VISN members only

Boneless tandoori chicken

Would you believe it!

Half the price! In the now.

Today it is half as long!

Don't miss this opportunity to

Usually 1.,080 yen (4 pieces)

→ at half the price of 540 Yen!

Pickle spice because meat also tender, and juicy. Served piping hot on the griddle! ☆ children are also very popular tandoori chicken. Guests visit the staff sincerely I await.

Please show your screen to the staff!

Head Office becomes the only Park Service Centennial

Fukuoka Prefecture, Kurume city Centennial Park 1-1
VISN Office
[Operating hours]
11:00-22:00 (Last orders 21:30)

Centennial Park Sumitomo heavy equipment like event Curry stalls!

Today in the event of Sumitomo heavy's VISN Nan and chicken curry

I had to worry about today's events in yesterday's rain but good after rain all weather.

Everyone in the kiln like tandoori interested deep.

I am happy to eat hot naan on the flyButter naan fills the face and front of Vice ne was the matrixMorning 10:00-rest until the 16:00 time soon lots of authentic India's career Nan served whats. Very glad to curry

The next West ☆ udon the other sausages and fried sale!

From the West in the Middle were sampled body udon.

Thank you for the

Warm udon was delicious.

To the assistance of Vice ne West we really thank you for

Plenty of way-CHAN ☆

This time bother to shop.