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India restaurant Bishnu Kumamoto(Fast-food)

Limited time offer! Daily set (AJA)
(Salad, Curry and naan)
Typically 700 yen to 600 yen (tax excluded)

Open benefits (soft drinks! )

Address: Kumamoto, kamimashiki-gun mashiki-machi AZA nagaike 2232 aeonmall Kumamoto Clair

«Contact us»
VISN Office: 0942-37-5727
Head Office: 0942-37-0369

* From 1/2017 will be opened in the restaurant.
* For more information on the homepage is to inform

Our daily VISN his lover thank you!

Vice Nyon Mall Kumamoto Kumamoto earthquake victims met a little each of bright sunshine was seen

09/28Ion Kumamoto container Mall India cuisine VISN (fast food) has gone live!

Our nationwide Kumamoto VISN visit to us customers who book and your staff and stakeholders will inconvenience you're welcome, sorry.

Is realized through our warm hearts I think.

Vice Nyon Mall Kumamoto Kumamoto earthquake victims met a little each of bright sunshine was seenIt can OPEN small shop

It is filled with gratitude. Really really thank you.

There are a lot of places have not still been resurrected. Soon as possible to live under the great Kumamoto will be sincerely hope we would.


Part of Aeon Mall Kumamoto shop commenced operating from a few months ago.

Restaurant damage increase when the prospect of resuming didn't have.

Aeon Mall Kumamoto from 9/28 OPEN! 

Container mall stores! The Guide to

Immediately the VISN are getting ready OPEN.

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Customer support for Aeon Mall Kumamoto sales resume and desire you want from our employees and community and this leads not fondly.

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Images reminiscent of the outside (sunny, warmth and fun) and would also want to like get 踏midashite step in feeling depressed and new how et al.

Even on a rainy day mental beaming.