This is the Kurume in Fukuoka went up, the rain was falling, but are covered in clouds.

Busily turns the sky yet also rainy season seems to be☔️☀️☁️
So easy ill we are taking care of yourself please!

Today, I will focus on the secret of beautiful women of India✨

India Women's beauty is top in the world, many women elected to beauty pageants, Miss world.

It may not only tasty Indian beauty secret!

The secret of the hidden spice turmeric skin💕

Contained in Curry turmeric (Tumeric), will prepare the skin tone and skin disinfection and purification. In India has been used as a medicinal care of acne and pimples, and skin and eczema are also beneficial. India women are bathed in hot direct sunlight to the beautiful women of the skin gloss. It was Curry's skin secret.

Curry is known as a food can prevent dementia. This effect is included in Curry turmeric.(Turmeric)By what it is.

On the yellow curry containing turmeric. Introduction to tell you that, as a dementia preventive effect is not the same Curry in the color green curry and Red Curry with turmeric in not sure.

Of various kinds with turmeric, in turmeric most a kind of polyphenol "Curcumin" that includes this Curcumin and acts as an antioxidant and as a dementia preventive effect.

In Curcumin because cancer prevention and prevention of obesity, there diet! It becomes the fat accumulated in the body by frequently eating high-calorie, Curry, spices open sweat glands, sweat and skin Detox.
There was one more beauty secrets!
And India traditional medicine "Ayurveda life"?

Ayurveda (ayurveda), Sanskrit "aus (aayus | life)" and "Veda (veda | knowledge, learning the truth)" words together, called the "Science of life", is a traditional medicine in India.

Ayurveda himself know his mental and physical state, and tell you how to live a healthy life with harmonious mental and physical. If you have been ill treatment important to health, to prevent illness and maintain health, is, of course, but first of all disease less likely to become mentally and physically to make the sides.

Ayurveda is the knowledge itself tells us how to go heal body and mind, and understanding the connection between mind and body.
You know for yourself and your diet

It is extremely beautiful woman beauty superpower, India had a secret. It seems to be key as curry contains turmeric, India 5,000 years of tradition, Ayurveda life style and skin!

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