Curry is refreshing!

Followed by a rainy day! ~

Kurume was evacuated yesterday warned.

Looking forward to the bright summer these days.

Not somehow more tired in the rainy season?

Insecure feeling damp and I.

Well-travelled, body to reward energy sources India spice,We'd say!

To be included in Curry spice
Have the guts to fine effect.

Effects of turmeric to the liver healthy
Effects to healthy gastrointestinal cumin and cinnamon Grove.

To the other common Curry spice
Effective to perk up the stomach is very lustful.

To strengthen the liver becomes healthy, to break down toxins in the body work,
The bells and whistles so unbearable.

Stomach becomes healthy, it just good digestion and
Nutrition to absorb well.

That hard time lost appetite, tired more quickly,
That's why even body hard tend to.

Internal organs healthy, nice to eat rice
It is very important.

Today is a wonderful day ~ ☆

Mountain-spur toshie

CHAI CAFE BISHNU head beer garden in Centennial Park

Weather was rainy but good today

Pashari the Centennial Park's flower garden

Everything looked clean and

Enjoy the seasonal flowers in Centennial Park in beer garden has started this year

Centennial wind park with views overlooking the kitchen, as well as draft beerAnd cocktails.Guests can enjoy
Terrace 20 seats and lawn 300 persons is possible.

Affordable beer course
2,¥ 900 ~ 4,900円(Tax included)

Plan you can fit a variety of applications

You can enjoy drink 60 different altogether and, like alcohol.

Café in addition to authentic India cuisine, rich in food and sweets

CharmI have a women's meeting plan

Meals, desserts and drinks for 2 hours with women's specific plans available
Full of fun in girl talk®

By the way, women's Association plans will be available in-store only

«Women's Association menu»2,500円(Tax included)Drinks / 120

Soup of the season
-3 types of appetizers
-Charcoal-grilled tandoori chicken or Shish kebab
-Pasta with shrimp and tomato paste and Carbonara
Spicy curry
And grilled naan bread
-Dessert (Parfait and cake plate)

 "Beer garden plan."

↑ Calipari's mouth-watering, spicy dishes

Affordable course ¥ 2,900 yen (tax included) drink free 90-minute beer 1 tablespoon only other unlimited
Mix nuts
And three hors d'oeuvres
-Original property pizzanan

Petit luxuryTaj Mahal courses total 9 products 3.,900 yen (tax included) drink unlimited 120 minutes
And soybeans
-Asian fried chicken
-Rough Wiener
-Hors d'oeuvres
-Vegetable cafesalad
-French fries two source
-Featured tandoori chef 2
Spicy curry
And grilled naan bread

VISN taking some courses all 10 4.,900 yen (tax included) drink unlimited 120 minutes
And soybeans
-Vegetables with plenty of
Tomato cream
Cumin Caprese
-Char-grilled prawn with garlic and grilled fish Rostad (shrimp and fish)
Rice pilaf, biryani
-Spicy aheajo
Charbroiled, Nan
Premium Curry
-Spicy fried chicken
-Rough Wiener

☆ surprise served cake ♪ (prior to reservation)
Your birthday or anniversaryIn VISN celebration?

And 12cm1,000 yen (2-4 people for)
And 15cm1,500 yen (4-6 people for)
-18 cm 2,000 yen (6 to 8 people for)
21 cm2,¥ 500 (8-10 people for)

Extra large cakes and dishes reservations are available according to your budget.
Please ask the staff to feel free.
Our reservation staff sincerely welcome from sohei ☆

Address:Fukuoka Prefecture, Kurume city Centennial Park 1-1
Beer garden time until 9/30

Introduction of Vice ne Cafe menu

The VISN Office

New Cafe menu

Enjoy the dessert restrambisnuchai Cafe in Centennial Park views while fulfilling from the delicious fun

Chai Cafe restrambisnu main office
Opening hours 11:00-22:00 (LO 21:30)
Lunch 11:00-15:00 (weekends and holidays 16:00)
Fukuoka Prefecture, Kurume city Centennial Park 1-1