Children as well as adults widely loved VISN is 23 years this year! Professional cooks, all handmade with labor or food has been leading us to travel to India. It is thought the health, as well as delicious dishes. India cuisine is a food ayurveerda. Rich Nang Curry spice, flavor-rich located several, whets the appetite atsatsutandry dish cooked in a special pot.

Followed by a rainy day! ~

Kurume was evacuated yesterday warned.

Looking forward to the bright summer these days.

Not somehow more tired in the rainy season?

Insecure feeling damp and I.

Well-travelled, body to reward energy sources India spice,We'd say!

To be included in Curry spice
Have the guts to fine effect.

Effects of turmeric to the liver healthy
Effects to healthy gastrointestinal cumin and cinnamon Grove.

To the other common Curry spice
Effective to perk up the stomach is very lustful.

To strengthen the liver becomes healthy, to break down toxins in the body work,
The bells and whistles so unbearable.

Stomach becomes healthy, it just good digestion and
Nutrition to absorb well.

That hard time lost appetite, tired more quickly,
That's why even body hard tend to.

Internal organs healthy, nice to eat rice
It is very important.

Today is a wonderful day ~ ☆

Mountain-spur toshie