The earthquake happened in Central Kumamoto.

Plagued by daily aftershocks in Kyushu, and spends his days of uncertainty.

VISN 9 State heavy on the base in Kumamoto 2 stores and damaged ceiling of Vice Nyon Mall located in kamimashiki-gun Kumamoto, and business resumption is likely beyond the State. Our very please for the inconvenience we are.

Victims of damage in the quake,
Prayers from the heart.

We pray that if the damage is not grow past this.

He realized various information needed aid supplies.
I think I can support because of my shape was not.

Kumamoto, affected communities strong aftershocks also continue
I think we have had a very uneasy time.

And your families, I sincerely hope their loved ones are safe.

Would like to express condolences to victims pray please pray for the souls of those who died with the Kumamoto earthquake with.

Pray that one day soon settles this earthquake.

Make a donation to those affected by the quake has begun. Aftershocks continue even now, many people live in shelters.

Thought to the victims if any power, let me introduce some fundraising office.

NPO Corporation T-GROUND, accepts donations and volunteers.!
Please contact the following NPO Corporation T-GROUND Office of volunteers.
[About 0/2016 on the Kumamoto earthquake disaster volunteers], visit volunteer information from below, Kumamoto Prefecture Social Welfare Council, Kumamoto Prefecture, some sites have people who will participate, will be participating on the familiar, please.
Volunteer participants can be accessed here.

[Kumamoto Prefecture Social Welfare Council, Kumamoto Prefecture, Volunteer Center]

[Contact us]
NPO Corporation T-GROUND Office
Fukuoka Prefecture, Fukuoka City Chuo-ku Hirao 2-1-16-803

[NPO Corporation T-GROUND Facebook]

[Kumamoto Prefecture HP]

[Japan Red Cross]

[Red Feather Community Chest]

[Rakuten points donation]

[T point donation]