Staff recruitment.

 Renuart per in VISN Office staff are now seeking offers.

Kitchen (1)
We can only have confectionery or cooking experience.

Hall (2)
The work contents of hospitality in the Hall and drink manufacturing product a wide range.

(3) sale of Cafe corner
It is on sale over the counter in the main coffee Chai drinks soft ice cream, such as take-out and restaurant hospitality services. During the busy season, such as weekend service on weekends and holidays with cherry blossom and Azalea Festival Golden and a weekday business to ask.
Only the frame of this student's OK.

• Who are interested in India

• Who are interested in the Cafe

◆ How can long-term work

◆ If possible weekend work

Location: Fukuoka Prefecture, Kurume city Centennial Park 1-1

BISHNU Chai Cafe restaurant

TEL0942-37-0369 mountain-spur until contact awaits you.