Christmas menu of Vice ne

12/20 (Sunday)-25, (Friday).

After 1 month on the long-awaited Christmas

The exciting this season.

Introducing the Christmas menu of Vice ne 2015

Christmas menu

* Green Salad

Tomato soup *

* Christmas special tandoori chicken

* Mininum ◆choose
(Butterherbnan or NaN or cheese NaN)

* Curry ◆choose
(Hand-held chicken curry or care vegetable curry or seafood Curry)

* Desserts

* Drinks ◆choose
(Chai or Mango Lassi or Lassi or coffee)

Per person 1980 yen (excluding tax)

Christmas menu can only store.
Centennial Park, Kirishima stores, store, sasayama shop, Sasebo shop, Tamana shop, cocowalk shops, Aeon Mall Kumamoto.
Aeon Omuta, Aeon Nobeoka, Aeon tobata,