Children as well as adults widely loved VISN is 23 years this year! Professional cooks, all handmade with labor or food has been leading us to travel to India. It is thought the health, as well as delicious dishes. India cuisine is a food ayurveerda. Rich Nang Curry spice, flavor-rich located several, whets the appetite atsatsutandry dish cooked in a special pot.

-September memories ~

95th anniversary of the VISN 19 a head office 100 years made outdoor stage event at the Park store.
Weather overcast morning in the Park was 6:30, but as rain 1 hour after heavy rain became performers who really work hard at subways. And she was kind enough to watch the stage while piercing umbrella in the rain, really sorry to.

Is filled with gratitude to our customers

Is hung out in the rain I'm sorry and [we have fun okay ~] a lot of warm words, contrary to whats encouraging our customers

Love is only in your mind of Vice ne kind warm people

From this the VISN please thank

Next summer's planned for the anniversary of the 20 weeks is

-Whats the opinion with a smile in Kurume Strawberry Princess unit rain ~