Atufal shop renewal!

Kagoshima atufal store new concept shop'Chai Cafe attfal shop'And then is reborn
Not to mention the cuisine India, makes cafe style MOFA please feel free to

Renewal for construction9/1-9/19Until the happy holidays so we apologize for inconvenience.

9/20 reopened.So come and

19th anniversary Memorial events ☆ ☆

Namaste ~!
Using India cuisine VISN, thank you.

Is now easier to get tired of the summer season and not called summer colds etc?
VISN, now celebrates 19th anniversary of opening thank thanks!
I am glad the gratitude.

19th year anniversary celebration
[Summer Dream of the night]
Hold ♪ ♪ ♪

Dream in the summer of last year.
Professional dancers gathered in one place, makes a gorgeous performance!
Of course, a lot of food.
Come and enjoy teaser on your friends.
Interesting together!

On ★ 2015.9.5(Soil)

Advance ★ adult ¥ 3500 (Tax included)
Kids \1,800 (Tax included)

★ adult $ 40 day(Tax included)
2,000 children(Tax included)

(Curry buffet & 1 drink)

Location ★ Kurume-Centennial Park shop VISN

We look forward very much.