Centennial Park head beer being held!

Head of the Centennial Park store beer promotion being held in

In the pleasant breeze!

Rich, spicy cuisine drink beer cocktail in DWI Swarovski Crystal highball non-alcoholic cocktails, such as 40 types and

10 persons and the annual VIC pave every year over book.(3,000JPY)We present!

We have introduced new wines using grapes from India?

Zoya red (Zoya read) 
Zoya white (Zoyawhite)
Spicy food-friendly dry wine

Beer course
2Number of people than we accept reservations

☆ Maharaja course
2,480Circle(Food products 12)
+1580Circle(2Unlimited time)
VISN specials ☆
4,300JPY(2All you can eat drink time)
(Cuisine 13 products)
* Consumption tax is not included.

The open atmosphere is extremely popular!
Because it still accommodates the 70 groups booking please feel free to consult your