Of Vice neChristmas menu
Finally it's Christmas!VISN also course Christmas menu 12/20 ~ cock until 12/25 arms will be cordially invited.
Push is always different white Tandler chickenChristmas course from the popular tomato dessertsIn VISN Merry Christmas to relax!
Merry Christmas

* This course is Centennial Park branch, Kirishima shop, sasayama shop, arao shop, yamaga shop, Tamana shop, Sasebo shop, Sona restaurant, saga shop only;

Tandreemash salad

Tomato soup

Christmas performance white mugartandory chicken

Handyckincurry or matonrala Curry

ポテトチーズナン or butterherbnan


Chai (HOTorICE) and Lassi and mango Lassi

Each and every person ¥ 2200.