By offering live the authentic tastes of India cuisine
People in Japan want to smile.
And thank you, be grateful that you cherish.
By using real authentic grew up in the vast land of spices
Aiming at Japan people's mental and physical health.

Restaurant management through
Aiming to energize Japan and India job creation and life.
Location of Head Office 839-0864
Fukuoka Prefecture, Kurume city Centennial Park 1-1
Date of establishment: 1997年3月
Description of business Planning and management of food and beverage outlets and food education planning, consulting / food
Restaurants produce / goods sales, planning, sales and online sales
Sales outlets
All 19 stores
(Fukuoka area)
-Chai Cafe VISN Centennial Park branch
Of Vice ne emacskrme shop
VISN Aeon Omuta
Dining, Cafe Dining BISHNU Omuta
VISN fast-food outlets (in chachatown)
VISN Triassic hisayama food court

(Saga area)
VISN tosu
Of Vice ne saga shop

[Nagasaki area]
Of Vice ne Nagasaki branch
Of Vice ne SONA restaurant
Of Vice ne Sasebo shop

(Kumamoto area)
Of Vice ne Aeon Mall Kumamoto
Of Vice ne Tamana shop

(Oita area)
Of Vice ne yufuin hospital shop

[Miyazaki area]
VISN Aeon Nobeoka

[Kagoshima area]
And stores of Vice ne Kirishima
Dining, Cafe Chai atufal
Chai Cafe VISN Satsuma River in the shop

[Kansai area]
Of Vice ne sasayama shop
Chef owner
Salma Shyam Sundar

17When the 25-year-old is in the same city, as well as work in hotels and restaurants from the age of five became a star chef.
1990In March at the end of the first visit to Japan.

During the period of the international garden and greenery exposition as was held in the city of Osaka, India dance company General Director. Japan again in December.

97In March, in Kurume city opened first store specializes in authentic India cuisine BISHNU (VISN). Currently, Kyushu, 17 revolves around in