Genuine authentic Indian curry
Curry's 30 in all! Such as tomato or spinach-based variety.
A. India produced spices using all obsessed with quality.
Flour is absolutely free! Curry thickened is thick with onion and vegetables.
Home chefs painstakingly over thoroughly cooked.
Spice Angel craftsmanship of the star.

Nan home with bincho charcoal using real
Nan received orders from Cook with charcoal.
Round 1, carefully lay the dough is kneaded them carefully the home chef.
Laid over fabric has a sweetness, so I finish and fabric with dust.
For delicious baked naan bread I ordered from India tandoor(Kiln)Use.
Perfect Grill Nan the charcoals are often stable!
Naan cooked for hours in the heat of the charcoal is fine!
Plain cheese naan and spinach naan garlic Nan kokonutsnan etc in all 15 different enough.

Genuine authentic tandoori cuisine
It is a cuisine carefully grilled in the kiln from India "tandoor".
Bincho charcoal slowly and over time the roasted meat is soft and healthy.
Help children eat with confidence, enjoy the boneless tandoori chicken and shish kebab.
More home cooking
India classic croquettes "samosa" is.
There are ingredients of curry sauce and potatoes.
Eating fried potatoes are so delicious!

"Chow Ming, and Momo, a steamed dumpling with minced chicken, noodles, etc.

Treat yourself! Very popular! Tomato soup
VISN tomato soup, hearty tomato and fresh pureed carefully make a deliberately slow cooked.
With authentic spices home chefs selected the balance, mild finished with whipped cream.
Very nice! It is very rich in lycopene hearty tomato soup.
Speaking of India Chai!
It is like green tea Chai of the India-Japan.
Chai is tea leaves.(Assam tea)Milk tea brewed with milk.
Ginger and cinnamon with the cardamom and Chai has all kinds.
Hot breath, most I lump Chai! from your body warm with spices is!