Provides a taste of genuine, authentic taste!
We are dedicated to the taste of authentic India.
We will not arrange for a Japan-style.

Curry thickened is thick with onion and vegetables.
Do not use any flour, vegetable-based Curry.

Naan and tandoori dishes and wines from authentic India tandoor(Kiln)Use, each one carefully grilled in charcoal is.

Japan bring home local, professional chefs, home chefs painstakingly over the hand.
Use the genuine and authentic spices!
Authentic genuine grew up in the vast plains of India and A luxury high quality spices and imported directly from the local India, lots of uses.
More than 30 different spices to use!
Skillful speaking, by ingredients, such as meat, seafood, vegetables, use lots of spices.
We provide authentic spices fragrance and flavor of Curry.
Provides fresh, fresh!
Provides fresh, freshly prepared for you to eat at the best time.
I'm also eating in the idea of India, the very important.
Try to taste, not to mention be temperature the best order and timing for the body.

In our mail order order made we have gotten are.
To deliver at the frozen vacuum packed in and enjoy taste of the restaurant at home intact.
Inside I feel better.
Do you know India traditional medicine "Ayurveda"?
Ayurveda (ayurveda), Sanskrit "aus (aayus | life)" and "Veda (veda | knowledge, learning the truth)" words together, called the "Science of life", is a traditional medicine in India.

Ayurveda himself know his mental and physical state, and tell you how to live a healthy life with harmonious mental and physical.
If you have been ill treatment important to health, to prevent illness and maintain health, is, of course, but first of all disease less likely to become mentally and physically to make the sides.

India food is natural supplement.
Ginger (ginger) to spice up to promote digestion and promotes appetite and metabolism and helps fat burning turmeric, said busy spice Chinese herbal medicine can be said to dozens of healthy, there are various effects, such as the cosmetic effect.

India cuisine is the cuisine as well as delicious and good for health.
The fine from the outside!
Very friendly and cheerful home chef! bright and cheerful staff.
We will spoil you with all my heart from visitor to want to please!