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Where you will find sympathy and support in our corporate philosophy wanted!

VISN corporate philosophy
Protect the culture and tradition of India,
By offering live the authentic tastes of India cuisine
People in Japan want to smile.

By using real authentic grew up in the vast land of spices
Aiming at Japan people's mental and physical health.

Restaurant management through
Aiming to energize Japan and India job creation and life.
It is work to Happy customers throughout the 本場本 of India cuisine.
VISN, is obsessed with authentic flavor and taste of the real thing.
Think on the flavor of 本場本 want everyone to please, without any arrangement for a Japan-style.
♦ staff (part-time) recruitment!
Job description Or to introduce you to the order received, thank you hospitality in the Hall, such as providing food, tidying, cash register operations.
Even inexperienced senior staff will teach polite, so please feel free to contact.
Qualification requirements, etc. High school students and older. Beginners are welcome! Students and housewives who big success!
Please feel free to contact! Experience preferred!
Hourly rate Negotiable depending on experience and ability.
Number of hours 10: 00 – upon request from 22:00.
Holiday Available upon request.
Workplace and
For inquiries:
(Currently recruiting store)
Centennial Park Headquarters.(Tel:0942-37-0369 by: yamannohila)
Kurume-Shi, Fukuoka 839-0864 Centennial Park 1-1

Emacskrme store(Tel:0942-30-1755 by: Ali al-Raju)
316-2 Kanda celebrates 830-0032, Japan, Fukuoka Prefecture, Kurume-Shi Higashi Kurume 2F IMAX

Omuta Aeon(Tel:0944-32-8879 Attn: Kinoshita)
, 836-0037, Japan, Fukuoka, Omuta City Cape Town 3-4 Omuta 1F Aeon Mall

Saga shop(Tel:0952-28-2150 by: Kuroda)
Saga-Shi, saga 840-0816 station Minami-machi 2-1 MT 16 station 1F, Minami-Cho

Tosu(Tel:0942-82-8282 contact: Kim)
1798-1 town city tosu, saga 841-0046, Japan
* Store Manager candidate at the same time recruiting!

Tamana-shop(Tel:0968-72-0885 Attn: Tsunoda)
2F, Takase warehouse, 865-0025, Japan, Kumamoto Prefecture, Tamana city Takase-shaped fish town 155-1

Aeon Mall Kumamoto(Tel:096-237-0727 person in charge: Yamashita)
861-3106, Kumamoto Prefecture, kamimashiki-gun Island, nagaike 2232 1F Aeon Mall Kumamoto Clair

Yufuin Academy store(Tel:0977-85-8717 contact: Kim)
879-5102, Oita city, Oita Japan yufuin 3737-13

Nagasaki branch(Tel:095-801-8738 Attn: Ogawa)
Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki 852-8104, Japan eyes remember-Cho 5-25 housing Guido vil 2F

Nobeoka shop(Tel:0982-33-4325 by: Raju Gautam)
882-8555, Japan Miyazaki, Nobeoka, Asahi-Cho 2-Chome 2-1 ion Nobeoka shopping center 1F

Kirishima shop(Tel:0995-42-2387 Attn: Toyama)
899-5117, Kagoshima Prefecture, Kirishima city, Hayato-Cho Mitsugi 1010-3
* Store Manager candidate at the same time recruiting!

Chai Cafe shop(Tel:0996-22-0608 by: Morrison)
895-0074, Japan Kagoshima, Satsuma Sendai city Harada-31-21
* Store Manager candidate at the same time recruiting!

Sasayama shop(Tel:079-594-3628 by: Morimoto)
669-2202, Japan, Hyogo Prefecture, sasayama-Shi Higashi-505 line stone Center

How to apply Curriculum vitae telephone contact after the photograph is attached to the stores in advance would be to store mail or bring your own.
Staff jobs will be in touch.