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2018On July 12. : Ion tokitsu store OPEN!


しかも 7月末まで全商品10%OFF!!

時津にお住まいの皆様 ビスヌをどうぞよろしくお願いいたします。

気さくで とっても明るいアルジュンさん ラナさん見かけたらナマステ~と声をかけてくださいね。




2018年5月1日 : [Omuta store] [Kumamoto] menu is renewed!
I finally started the Golden Week holidays.
Why don't you come to eat Curry with your family?
Omuta store, Kumamoto is once again some menuRenewalI ☆

Happy childrenChildren's set menuIn addition to the
Happy new year for seniors to enjoy two flavors in small quantitiesSilver setAlso now available!
All menus areNan and rice refills once freeIt is!

FashionableHawaiian setAlso it is recommended.

Stern's outing,Take-out menuWell equipped!
Curry, tandoori chicken and naan, etc.,
À la carte menu, all can take.
Tandoori chicken with great dealsJapanese CurryAlso available.

* Content can vary by location. For more information please of please check store.

Take a look at we look forward to!

2018年3月29日 : Nobeoka shop reopened!
2018On March 30, according to the renewal of Nobeoka Aeon,
BISHNU Nobeoka shop reopened!

Special Happy set dealsSoup Curry Chicken and vegetables new!
Hawaiian set are highly recommendedChildren and families welcome guests!

I look forward to!
2018年3月5日 : [Tosu] March Curry
Namaste! VISN tosu is.
It has abated slightly cold.
Perfect for the buds of cherry blossoms along await spring, idyllic mood
3-CurryThe announcements!

Keymakinoko Curry (mild)
Vegetable Curry (mild)
Chicken Curry (mild)
Smooth and silky soup curry (sauce mix hot)

* Table red spice spicy curry is adjustable.

Children of the popularThe Curry eaten plenty of buffet-style.
Naan is fluffy baked has to your seat.
With drinks, ice! Unlimited time!
Everyone in the farewell?!

Take a look at pleasure to look forward to!

2018年2月26日 : 3Menu of the month news
Always stay we thank you.
3-Limited menuWill let you know.
Juicy fish fritters with curry and rice setです!

= = = = = Lunch == == == == == == == == =
«Fish curry and rice set»... 980 yen (tax excluded)
-Fish curry & rice
-Tomato soup

= == == == Dinner == == == == == == =
«Fish curry and rice set»... 1380 yen (tax excluded)
-Fish curry & rice
-Tomato soup
And cheesecake or chocolate fondant
Or drink (Lassi, Chai, coffee and orange juice).

Spicy curryThe following6OneFrom you can choose.
For young children/Mild/Medium spicy/Dry/Vindaloo/50Times

Why visit a store near them!
* Excludes FAST FOOD shops, tosu, SONA restaurant, Triassic hisayama store.
I look forward to.